Ways to Quit Smoking Weed Naturally

ways to quit smoking weedSmoking weed is unfortunately all too easy a habit to fall into, and it can be a difficult one to break, but happily for those who wish to be free from its influence, there are proven ways to quit smoking weed.  Despite its outlawed status, weed is easily accessible (even more so than alcohol for the under-twenty-one crowd), inexpensive, widely accepted, and for most people, enjoyable.  Contrasted with “hard” street drugs like meth or crack, it seems relatively harmless to many potential users—and once begun, it takes an addictive hold on its users.

Ways to Quit Smoking Weed —Why it’s Important

Even before you began smoking, you were probably aware of some of the reasons to stop smoking weed. Clearly they weren’t sufficient to deter you, but now that you’ve experienced some of them, you may be feeling differently.  The bottom line here is really how badly weed affects your health. Finding ways to quit smoking weed is important. It’s true that many of us do things we know are “bad for us,” often because it’s all too easy to ignore long-term consequences that we don’t have to deal with at present, in favor of the immediate enjoyment of the “bad habit” itself.  But the repercussions of marijuana use aren’t negligible; it affects your memory and mental functions, sexual performance, lungs and heart, and studies show that weed is as much as 70% more likely to cause cancer than cigarettes. Even a user of a medical marijuana vaporizer is not immune to these effects.

Ways to Quit Smoking Weed —What it Takes

In considering how to stop smoking pot, perhaps the most difficult hurdle to overcome is the fact that you truly have to want to quit. No amount of programs, tools, or even rehab will help if you haven’t yet arrived at a true desire to quit. And when a person is challenged with an addiction, even all the logical reasons listed above may not be sufficient to force the issue. When you want to quit, however, be assured that there are effective ways to quit smoking weed.

Most important among the ways to quit smoking weed will be your own determination to do so. The next step is to find a support group like Marijuana Anonymous (MA) where you can interact with other people who have been in your shoes, who can show you from their own experience of how to quit smoking marijuana, and provide you with a circle of new friends who won’t be dragging you back into your using habits.

Ways to Quit Smoking Weed —Additional Tools

Marijuana Anonymous provides a full program of ways to quit smoking weed, but a few other changes in your life will give your quitting program a boost. You should take a definite look at the friends you hang out with, and consider whether you can honestly be around your “using friends” without slipping back into using yourself. One of the hallmarked ways to quit smoking weed is to change up your social scene so you’re not exposed to the temptation.  Let’s be honest—you smoked weed because there were things you liked about it, and if you’re around other people smoking it, your resolve to quit may get tested too much.

You might also consider some introspective journaling; examine the things you liked about smoking weed as well as the places or circumstances when you tended to smoke, and using those reflections to make changes in your habits and behaviors. Your support group can help you in applying those reflections to your quitting crusade, because that group has the personal experience of how to stop smoking weed. Stay open-minded, and stick to your resolve as you explore ways to quit smoking weed —this is something you can do!

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Ways to Quit Smoking Weed Naturally
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