Best Way to Quit Smoking Weed: Follow an Established Method

Best Way to Quit Smoking WeedYou’ve come to the realization, if you’re reading this, that it’s time to find the best way to quit smoking weed. You’ve probably already realized, if you’re reading this, your own reasons to give up your addiction of the marijuana vaporizer. And you’ve probably already discovered that you don’t know how to stop smoking weed on your own. But you can be assured that there is an already-established best way to quit smoking weed, and you need only follow that method, and the people who have gone before you in managing to quit.

Best Way to Quit Smoking Weed —Marijuana Anonymous (MA)

Marijuana Anonymous is the younger cousin of the better-known Alcoholics Anonymous, and its 12-step program follows the same principles and practices. Incidentally, these are the same principles that would be presented to you if you checked into a rehab to learn the best way to quit smoking weed, but in MA you can find the same solutions for free. If you don’t live in a town with an MA meeting, look instead for a designated “open” meeting of AA, which welcomes non-alcoholics, including addicts dealing with substances besides alcohol. In an open meeting you won’t feel out of place; you’ll be among fellow addicts, some of whose addictions just happen to be tied to alcohol.

The “magic” of a 12-step program is in the shared solution, which has been time-tested and formulated in the 12 steps themselves, and the camaraderie and support of other people who have walked in your shoes, and have overcome their addictions. Many people, when they first recognize they don’t know how to stop smoking pot, feel ashamed or embarrassed, but in an MA group you will find sympathetic people whose stories match your own—with the additional chapter of a Solution.

Best Way to Quit Smoking Weed: What MA Involves—the Method

The solution found in MA, best way to quit smoking weed, is encapsulated in the 12 steps, which you’ll find hanging on the wall, and which a Sponsor will walk you through. The system of Sponsorship could be likened to an apprenticeship, with newcomers learning how to quit smoking marijuana from “masters” who have already overcome addiction in their own lives, and can teach from experience.

The twelve steps themselves involve thoroughly acknowledging your powerlessness to quit on your own, and going through a sort of “housecleaning” of your life and behavior, with the result that you find yourself able to resist your addiction, as well as leaving a more straightforward, less complicated, and less anxiety-filled life.  In short, the steps help you to eradicate the very reasons you had for using a mind-altering substance in the first place, by making sweeping changes in your life. If that sounds like an overwhelming order, don’t fret—the steps are in order for a reason, and you need only deal with the first one at first.

Why MA Works

The reason why MA’s twelve steps are the best way to quit smoking weed is the fact that a person who honestly digs into the twelve steps ends up making significant changes in lifestyle and behavior. It’s a matter of getting to the root of the underlying reasons for your use, and eradicating those. In dealing with addiction, no amount of “willpower” is sufficient to stop. (If a person could stop by simply wishing to, then addiction wouldn’t be a problem.) But a person who is truly ready to quit can find release from the grip of addiction. Think of it like pulling weeds from a garden: the best way to quit smoking weed is to pull the “weed” of addiction up by its roots.

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Best Way to Quit Smoking Weed: Follow an Established Method
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